Hit Your Drives Farther

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Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. The game of golf is a lot more fun when you can, confidently, pull out your driver and pound it past your playing partners. A lot of amateur golfers don’t approach gaining distance in the right way though. They grip the club tightly and swing as hard as they can, often resulting in a shot that’s short, offline, or both.

In order to hit the ball farther, there are two main factors you need to understand; swing speed and centeredness of contact.

Swing Speed

The first factor that goes in to a golf shot’s distance is swing speed. It’s, perhaps, the most obvious of the two things that contribute to hitting the ball far. It makes complete sense that the faster the club head travels through the impact zone, the farther the ball will travel.

Again, many amateur golfers will grip the club tightly and tense up their muscles to gain speed. This approach actually limits a clubs speed though.

A relaxed muscle is more flexible and allows you to increase the length of your backswing, which helps gain swing speed. So, make sure your muscles are relaxed before you pull the trigger, it’ll allow your muscles to move more freely, resulting in speed and distance.

Centeredness of Contact

The next factor, centeredness of contact, is the one that is overlooked by many. The term refers to where the ball makes contact with the club face. The closer to the center, or sweet spot, the farther a ball will travel.

centeredness driver.png
Sweet spot of a driver.

Too often, swing speed and centeredness of contact work against each other. It’s generally true that the faster you swing, then less likely you are to hit the center of the club face.

Gaining Distance

Your job is to swing the club is such a way that you optimize both factors. That being said, never sacrifice centeredness of contact to gain swing speed. In other words, prioritize centeredness of contact over swing speed. Try swinging at 85% intensity, allowing your muscles to relax and giving the club face the best chance of hitting the center.


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